Our students

Our students are selected on a meritocracy-based procedure, screening for talent and commitment to values of fairness and honesty. To ensure that no talent is left behind for financial reasons, we waive study fees and add a scholarship for students from low-income households.

Bachelor's Degree

Got state scholarship recommendation

in other universities
Admission in 2020


Admission in 2021



Master's Degree

Enrollment on program

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Number of students:
General - 108
Finished - 74
Currently studying - 23

Geography of students

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Lviv district
Ternopil district
Ivano-Frankivsk district
Kyiv district
Zhytomyr district
Kharkiv district
Odesa district
Poltava district
Vinnytsia district
Zakarpattya district
Dnipropetrovsk district
Donetsk district

Scholarship cost

Yearly Student’s Scholarship
supports a student's year of study

4,200 USD

Semester Student’s Scholarship
supports a student's semester of study

2,100 USD